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We Want Everyone to

Students and residents in Big Rapids donate gently used children’s books. These books are sorted, cleaned, and donated to children at preschools  and to families that attend story time so they can have permanent books in their home.

Little Libraries are place in various locations around Big Rapids. Anyone can take books to read or share. Anyone can also donate books to the libraries to encourage better access to books in our community. Book shelves are also placed in assisted living facilities.


Every baby born in Big Rapids Spectrum Health Hospital receives a new board book to give them a head start on reading. Parents also receive information on the importance of reading to their child from an early age.

Books are donated to local businesses and doctors’ offices around Big Rapids. These books are placed in waiting rooms or exam rooms to encourage parents to read to their children while they wait. 

Books are delivered to residents who are unable to drive to the library due to age, illness or injury. Deliveries are dropped off to patrons the first full week of each month. 

Homebound Delivery Service

Give children the opportunity to feel proud of a huge accomplishment. Make sure they are as ready as they can be for one of the biggest moments of the little life - starting school. Children will have their parents read 1,000 books to them before they reach kindergarten. Sign up for this program at the Library. 

Singing together makes learning letter sounds easy.

Talking and listening to your child stretches their vocabulary.

Reading new books from the library makes reading fun!

Playing lets kids use their imaginations to create stories about what they are doing. 

Writing begins with scribbles and marks. Teach them to autograph their art. 

Learn more about this program and other early literacy tips @ your Library!

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