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Big Rapids Pioneer, Thursday, September 14, 1893 - Obituary

Mrs. Harriet C. Phelps, whose illness has been known to our readers for some time, passed away to-day just as the clock denoted the noon hour. For days her death was known to be only a question of a short time, therefore her passing away was not attended with astonishment, although her death causes universal sorrow. Mrs. Phelps was greatly beloved, and her friends were many. It will be impossible to tell how much she will be missed. For many years she had been quietly identified with charitable and benevolent work, and many is the person who in someway has been benefited by her liberality. Shortly before the death of her husband, the Hon. Fitch Phelps, who did a little less than four years ago, she was called to the bedside of her father, the late Arba Wellman, of Friendship, Allegany county, N.Y., and during her care of him she laid the foundation of her long illness, having overtaxed her strength. Her father was the last of her near relatives to pass away, and since the death of her husband she has been left entirely alone-every near relative having preceded her to the other shore. Her age was bout fifty-four years. The funeral will take place from the house to-morrow afternoon at four o'clock, Presiding Elder Parsons to have charge of the services.

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