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Outdoor Time

May 21st - May 27th


Book Suggestions:


Songs, Rhythms, and Fingerplays:

In the Forest I See

In the forest I see...

One chipmunk climbing up a tree,

Two raccoons asleep in the sun,

Three squirrels nibbling acorns,

Four porcupines digging in the dirt,

Five beavers swimming downstream,

Six hedgehogs hiding in a cave,

Seven foxes barking at the moon,

Eight rabbits hopping here and there,

Nine wolves howling and yowling,

And ten moles burrowing in a hole.

The Bear

Here is a cave (make a fist),

Inside is a bear (put thumb in),

Now he comes out

To get some fresh air (pop thumb out).

He stays out all summer

In sunshine and heat,

He hunts in the forest

For berries to eat (move thumb in a circle).

When snow starts to fall,

He hurries inside

To his warm little cave

And there he will hide (put thumb back in fist).

Snow covers the cave

Like a fluffy white rug,

Inside the bear sleeps

All cozy and snug (cover fist with other hand).