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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get a free library card?


Free library cards are available to all residents of the City of Big Rapids or one of the following townships: Barton, Big Rapids, Colfax, Grant, Green, & Norwich.


To obtain a library card you must have a valid driver's license or current state ID. You must also have proof of your current address. This can be on your driver's license, utility bill, lease agreement, check, bank statement, etc.

What if I am a non-resident?


A non-resident card can be purchased for $25 annually. 

Is there an age limit for getting a library card?


No, any age can get a library card. However, the parent will be held responsible for any fees on an account belonging to a child under the age of 18. A child will need a parent present with valid photo ID in order to make a library card. 

How many items can I check out?


You may check out a total of 20 items on your library card at one time.

You may check out a maximum of:
5 DVDs at a time
20 books at a time
20 audiobooks at a time
2 eBooks at a time

How do I renew my items online?


To renew your items online, click on "My Account" on the menu bar. You must enter your library card barcode number and password, the 10-digit phone number on your account. If you cannot log in, contact the library. Once you have entered your information, you will see the items you have on your card and renew any items you have out. You may renew items three times. However, if they are overdue or another patron has placed the item on reserve, that item is no longer eligible for renewal and must be returned to the Library.

Can I check out items using my Bulldog ID from Ferris State University?

No, Big Rapids Community Library no longer accepts Bulldog IDs due to a change in software. Ferris Students and faculty may get a library card by showing their student ID and proof of address. 

I want to volunteer at the library, how can I do that?


We love volunteers at the library! Volunteering at the library can be rewarding and fun. 

Tasks include:

-Dusting shelves

-Helping with storytime

-Delivering books for homebound 

-Cleaning items

-Inventory Library items

-Helping with Library Programs


To volunteer, fill out this application. Then let us know when you would like to volunteer.

We take volunteers any time the library is open.

Does the Library charge a fee for its programs?

No, the library offers programs at no cost. There may be items that you need to bring from home but those are designated on the promotional materials for the programs.

How do I reserve the Meeting Room?

Please fill out a Meeting Room Application and return it to library staff. Please see the Meeting Room Policy for more information. 

What if I find an item that is questionable in nature at the library?

If you are concerned about the nature of any library material, please fill out an item review request and return it to the library. The director of the library will review the book and take action as necessary.