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Copy, Fax, Print, Wi-Fi

Easy to print, copy, scan & fax

Services Available

The library has a Xerox copy machine available for public use. 


This machine can copy, scan, print, and fax. 


The machine is self-service, or you can ask a librarian for assistance. 


If you copy or print incorrectly you are still responsible for the cost of the print.


The library charges by the ink, not by the paper. If you bring your own paper you must still pay the full price of the printing costs.

Paper Sizes Available

8.5 x 11

8.5 x 14

11 x 17

Printer Clipart.png


Patrons are required to prepay for copies, prints, faxes, and scans. 

Patrons with valid library cards get ten free b&w pages daily and ten free faxes.

Please show your library card to the staff at the desk.


Black & White Copy

$.10 per page

Color $.25 per page

Other services

Fax $1.00 per page

Scan to E-mail Free

Scan to Thumb Drive Free


The library accepts cash, checks, or credit cards.

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Public Computers

Access to public computers for children and adults


Public access computers with the internet and Microsoft Office Suite are available on the library's second floor.

All computers shut down 15 minutes before the library closes. Please plan to save your work and finish your session within the allotted time. 

No Library Card is needed to use the public access computers. Patrons may log on directly with their library card number or speak to staff at the desk. 


Each user has 60 minutes to use the computer.

Staff may grant more time at their discretion if no others are waiting, up to a limit of  2 hours.


3 AWE Early Learning and Afterschool Edge computers are located on the first floor in the Children's Room. These computers have educational games and do not have internet access.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is free. Check at the circulation desk for log-in information.

Online Catalog Search Computers

Online catalog computers are available on each floor to help you locate items.

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