Michigan’s children are falling behind in reading!

Michigan is ranked 41st in the nation for literacy scores and is projected to fall to 48th by 2030.

Today fewer than 50% of Michigan’s third graders are proficient in reading. 

How do we overcome the challenges of low literacy rates in our community?

We start by engaging our smallest community members.

Music Area

Painting Stations



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Literacy for All!

We have the opportunity to transform the green space next to the library into a playground that will engage children in early literacy activities while educating parents about their importance.    



As children hear spoken language, they learn new words and what they mean.


Increases vocabulary and general word knowledge.


Slows down language so children can hear the different sounds that make up words.


Talking to children about what they draw and creating captions helps make a connection                                between spoken and printed language.


Helps children think symbolically so they understand that spoken and written words can stand                    for real objects and experiences.


Each playground area will promote different early literacy elements to create an environment that will prepare children for a successful life of reading. We invite you to donate toward this project as we work toward creating a culture of reading in Big Rapids, because increasing reading proficiency is crucial to our area and our state. 

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Donation Levels

Reading Donor



Literacy Advocate Donor

(naming opportunities)

$500   Tree (Plaque)

$1,000 Bench (Plaque)


Advocate For Libraries Donor

(name placed on donor sign)

$2,500   Melvil Dewey

$5,000   Harriet Phelps

$10,000  Andrew Carnegie

A Big Thank you to 

Transcanada Corporation for their $5,000 donation to the Library Playground!

*Please contact the Big Rapids Community Library directly at 231-796-5234 or to specify the names for "Literacy Advocate" and "Advocate for Libraries"-level donations. Thank you!