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Early Literacy  (0-5)

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Based on Every Child Ready to Read, TALK activities build pre-literacy skills starting from birth, such as hearing letter sounds, building hand muscles and dexterity, and recognizing letters and numbers. Activities also build STEM and social-emotional skills, to help parents make sure their children are fully prepared for a successful school experience.
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Stork Storytime focuses on the parents and teaches them the importance of early literacy skills, and empowers them to feel confident as their child's first teacher. It's never too late to develop a love for books, and it's never too early, either. Talk to a librarian for more information!


Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

  • Hold your baby close during bedtime and sing a favorite song again and again. Singing the same song can help your baby feel calm and safe.
  • Sing silly songs about your day to help get your baby’s attention during diaper changing.
  • Your baby loves to hear your voice even if you think you can’t sing! The sound of your voice is comforting to your baby.
  • Sing during everyday activities like driving in the car, or during bath time. It can be repetitive and simple, like “Wash your toes, wash your nose!”

  • Singing songs that have basic counting or rhyming patterns also helps children learn basic math skills. “One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, open the door.”

  • Your toddler loves to get positive attention from you. Singing is a great way for you and your toddler to share an activity together.

Looking for a storytime song? Try these:

Looking for songs or rhymes? This list has thousands! 

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