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Science Adventure Kits

Each kit is available to checkout with a valid BRCL Library Card for one week.

Observing Pollinators Kit

By gathering observations of pollinators visiting flowering plants in your area, you can help scientists understand pollinator populations and locations while advancing knowledge about the types of plants pollinators prefer.

Observing Pollinators Kit

Architecture Kit: PreK - 2nd Grade

Young architects learn about spatial reasoning and building in three dimensions as they construct one realistic house after another! Children follow the prompts on our activity cards—slotting together plastic walls, floors, and roofs to create ten different houses even professionals would be proud of. Kids develop essential STEM skills and spatial awareness with every house they complete.

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Architecture Kit

Solar System Kit: Grades 4th - 6th

Use models to simulate seasonal changes, calculate gravity on other planets, create a phase of the moon slider, and more—with an all-in-one kit that explores the solar system hands on! Our ready-to-use tub includes 8 different experiment cards with involving activities based on national science standards. Plus, you get tons of materials to complete each experiment and explore concepts in depth—from an Earth/moon rotation model and flashlight to a fun flip book, vocabulary cards and full-color charts that make concepts easy to grasp!

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Solar System Kit
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