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Phelps Little Free Libraries

Phelps Little Free Libraries are miniature, community-driven libraries that promote literacy and connection. Phelps Little Free Libraries are named in honor of Harriet Phelps, who bequeathed her estate to the City of Big Rapids in 1893 to create the first permanent location for a public library in Big Rapids.

Phelps Little Free Libraries invite people to take or leave books, sparking imagination and fostering a sense of belonging. These tiny libraries serve as gathering places, bringing neighbors together and facilitating meaningful conversations. They symbolize generosity and collective action, democratizing knowledge and making it accessible to all. Phelps Little Free Libraries inspire us to embrace the transformative power of stories, cultivating a society that values learning and cherishes the magic of books.


The library would like to thank those that helped paint the Little Free Libraries:




Lion's Club

Daughters of the
American Revolution

Mecosta County
Habitat for Humanity

Rotary Club

Delta Kappa Gamma

Friends of the Library

Garden Club



Zonta Club


Special Thanks to
Dave Hamelund of Hamtech, INC

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