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A baby brings many challenges to your life, but creating or continuing a family reading routine doesn't have to be one of them.  Stork Storytime encourages parents to develop reading habits before their child arrives. Stork Storytime puts a focus on the parents and teaches them about the importance of early literacy skills, empowering them to feel confident as their child's first teacher.

This program encourages those that are expecting to complete 100 "read alouds" before the arrival of their baby. This is to allow adults to become more comfortable reading aloud and help existing children in the household to develop their literacy skills. This is a bonding experience for the caregiver and child as well as develops the routine of reading in the family. This program is a great segue into the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.


This is a monthly program that provides adult caregivers with podcasts with advice, tips, and stories from local experts. Caregivers can learn about early literacy, get tips for moms and dads alike, and become more confident as their child's first teacher. These can be listened to at any time.

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