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Meet us in the BRCL Community Room at 4:00 PM.

Space is limited. Register by phone at (231) 796-5234 or log into your account on our catalog and find the sign-up under "Events & Rooms."

March 12: Acrylic Paint Pouring

Let us walk you through the basics of one of the most intriguing trends in crafting – paint pouring. This uniquely playful technique requires a bit of planning and an open mind. In this class you'll explore the basics of planned and unplanned pours and how to tidily coat the edges of your canvas.
Acrylic Paint Pouring
Orizomegami 1
Orizomegami 2
Orizomegami 3
Orizomegami 4
Inky Monoprints 1
Inky Monoprints 2
Inky Monoprints 3
Inky Monoprints 4
Inky Monoprints 5
Inky Monoprints 6
Inky Monoprints 7
Inky Monoprints 8
Shibori-Inspired Snowflakes 1
Shibori-Inspired Snowflakes 2
Shibori-Inspired Snowflakes 3
Shibori-Inspired Snowflakes 4
Shibori-Inspired Snowflakes 5
Unique Holiday Cards 1
Unique Holiday Cards 2
Unique Holiday Cards 3
Unique Holiday Cards 4
Unique Holiday Cards 5
Unique Holiday Cards 6
Unique Holiday Cards 7
Giving Plate 1
Giving Plate 2
Giving Plate 3
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